Bear Naked workshops strip away patterns held in our bodies and minds, that limit our potential. Adaptability and flexibility are enhanced for stronger navigation of the changing business environment. Open up your creative mind to find innovative solutions to the challenges in our businesses and lives.


Change is the new constant in society. The tools learned during BEAR ESSENTIALS are geared toward enhancing the adaptability and resourcefulness in all aspects of your life to a deep extent. Not only will you learn to adapt to change with a greater capacity, you’ll lead the way in our evolving world.

Obtain a deeper understanding of your natural rhythms, the cycles of the earth and the way you create change in life. Learn to be an active listener and an agent of change. Explore the triad of change, and how it applies to you and your business. The gifts of each season will also be explored.

A time exploring in the Canadian Rockies will help participants connect to nature, an integral piece in the achievement of inner strength.

The BEAR ESSENTIALS is a 2-day workshop of deep self-exploration in the Canadian Rockies. There are 4 weekend retreats per year, and it is recommended that you sign up for all the sessions to obtain the greatest level of self-awareness and impact.



Spend an afternoon in the Canadian Rockies with Dr Rob. Connect with nature and learn to connect with yourself. Begin to understand the relationship between your body and your life. Components of the Bear Naked Experience will be explored.


A custom retreat to meet your needs over a 2, 5, or 7-day period in the location of your choice using Bear Naked Experience principles. The retreat is planned to best suit your team. Whether you’re the remote-rustic-survival type, or looking to plan a luxury escape to an incredible location, Dr. Rob has the experience and relationships to plan the retreat your team needs.

Activities range from hiking, golfing, mountaineering, heli-skiing and whitewater rafting. 

Sweat lodges, sacred fires and solo nature exploration are available as part of your retreat. Weaving through the ancient teachings, we will explore traditional indigenous practices and tap into the wisdom of elders. 

The common element through BEAR NECESSITIES workshops is a focus on connecting with nature. From activities that push us to our limits, to gentle forest bathing, BEAR NECESSITIES workshops connect the individual to their inner wisdom. Team activities balance with individual space to help everyone find their authentic path.