Dr. Rob's
Bear Naked Experiences
Facilitate the Journey Within, to Impact the World Without

Bear Naked workshops strip away patterns held in our bodies and minds, that limit our potential. Adaptability and flexibility are enhanced for stronger navigation of the changing business environment. Open up your creative mind to find innovative solutions to the challenges in our businesses and lives.



Adaptability to Change

Creativity and New Ideas

Awareness of Patterns and Fears

Development of Intuitive Abilities

Improved Collective Work Environment

Better Relationship with Self and the External World

Your knowledge and ability to facilitate our team was beyond all our expectations. The feedback from my team was filled with gratitude towards you. ‘That’s just what we needed’ and ‘what an opportunity to learn and grow’ were a few of the texts I received. We showed up ready to participate and you were prepared and ready to lead our group.
— The Relaxing Wellness Company