How Bear Wisdom Applies to Your Life

We can learn a lot from bears. Bears have no natural enemies; therefore, they act out of choice rather than survival. This provides great wisdom for all of us.  In life we often react out of habit, rather than making a conscious decision about how to act.  Through practice and enhanced awareness, we can see our own patterns, and once we recognize them, choose to respond differently. 

Indigenous teachings tell us that the bear represents duality. They go into the den and hibernate for months, but are very active the rest of the year. The time in the den represents entering the dark, or shadow aspect of our selves. This teaches us to explore and learn about the hidden aspect of ourselves, the parts we would rather not show to the world. Yet, it is by exploring these aspects that we learn the most about ourselves. By understanding our challenges, become empowered to work with these aspects and use it as fuel to move forward in our lives.

Bears have productive time through the spring, summer and fall. Yet, even during these times a bear will divide its time wisely, knowing when to forage for food and when to enjoy the sunshine. This balance is crucial to a healthy, happy life. Work hard, yet take the time to play, smell the roses and appreciate the fruits of your labours. 

Next time you see a bear, stop and think what wisdom it has to share. Are you as wise as the bear? Can you take steps to get your life more on track, using Bear Wisdom? 

Some Bear Advice:

Live large. Climb beyond your limitations. When life gets hairy, grin and bear it. Eat well. Live within the seasons. Enjoy a long nap. Take care of your honey!

“Remember that you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.” 

- Winnie the Pooh