We find many noble qualities innately in animals, plants and landscapes. When we look to the bear, we see several traits that are desired by leaders, organizations and society to operate powerfully and successfully.

From the bear, we can learn how to be powerful and successful in our own lives.



Bear’s have no natural enemies. This has to do with their confidence, strength and dominance. Like the bear, as you step into your full potential, your strength will become obvious. From this place, others will be inspired to follow you.


Mother bear fiercely protects her young to raise them to their full potential. Be it your family, your idea or your business, each will grow and thrive if you take care of it.


Like the bear, hibernating with ideas and plans for the future helps us to understand the natural rhythm and cycle of things. This allows action to be taken at the best possible time.


Bears understand the work hard, play hard mentality, and defend both equally. They work hard to achieve results, and also take the time for family, rest, and fun. It is important to honour and respect both work and play for a full and productive life.