Hello, my name is Rob.
This is WHY I do what I do.

I've always found solace in nature. 

Growing up, I played in the rivers and hills of Alberta, calling the mountains my playground while I explored the backcountry. Skiing, hiking and outdoor adventure continue to bring solace to my life. 

While the natural world has always called to me, my life’s work has also been focused on the development of human potential.

At the beginning of my healing career, I trained as a Massage Therapist, developing a fascination with the human body. This led me to obtain my Doctor of Chiropractic designation, and began practicing in Calgary. Through an encounter with a friend, I experienced the benefits of Network Chiropractic Care first hand, and immersed myself in the teachings to obtain my certification. I have practiced Network Chiropractic care and Reorganizational Healing for over 12 years


As a child of indigenous ancestry, I have always been interested in my roots. This has led to an immersion in various indigenous healing arts. After studying for many years, I became a Pipeholder of the Cree Tradition, an honor that allows me to pass my knowledge along to others. I have also spent time building a mesa and learning Shamanic Trainings of South American origin. I continue to study the Medicine Wheel and learn about Indigenous Dreaming.

It is through the application of the collective teachings and journeys of my life, as well as my healing capacity, that I guide others. My method provides the space for individuals to go within in order to become clear on their path, as well as discover insights into their innate gifts.

I bring a holistic, intuitive and human centred approach to the way I guide and inspire others. My clients experience harmony, balance and knowledge in their internal worlds, which spread to the external world of relations between individuals, businesses and society.